1. Friends - “Sorry”

    Just picked this album up and I’m already a big fan. I was definitely into “Friend Crush,” the first track on the new album Manifest, a few months ago


    Friends, Sorry (from the album Manifest)

    Manifest, umm, I can’t get enough of it.  Mind Control, Home and I’m His Girl were just the beginning.  These tracks predicted this LP would be awesome and oh it is.  Friends (think good Madonna meets crazy cool Santigold) are a stellar act out of Brooklyn.  I’m very much in love with the track “Sorry.”  It’s eargasm city!  To be honest there isn’t a dud on the entire album (other must listen tracks include “Stay Dreaming” and “Proud Ashamed”).  I highly recommend getting your ears blasted off with Manifest (which is out now).   

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